Food for thought: Missed news ideas

In this not-so-great state of Alabama, our media has adopted modern (try sloppy) new standards for reports and stories. I will show you a few good examples where a follow up or where the story might leave you with a cliffhanger.

Arrest made after student beaten for pro-cop support/ Sylacauga councilwoman-elect’s son among them

In my state, various outfits from , Anniston Star, and others had reported on this. There were original reports of the beating with minimal details and of lately the arrests. The crown jewel is the Anniston Star update. Councilwoman-elect Nix, who’s son was arrested, had previously made the comment:

If we’re upholding them in their wrongdoings, then we are as much to blame as they are,” she said. “Let’s lead by example, let’s be kind to one another, let’s lend a hand to our neighbors no matter what color they are, let’s stand together and show our children that we love them enough to put our petty differences aside.

My food for thought question is the following: How does she really feel about the local LEOs? We are judged by the company that we keep. In the event that her son is found to be involved after a proper trial, will she be to blame also?


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