You’re not helping; You’re hurting.

It is quite clear that we are watching our world fall apart. The power elite and their cronies are actively attacking every semblance of normalcy, spreading ideas that are contrary to our survival and slowly breaking us at the core. Every day; it is something new, whether it is encouraging women to ignore biology or driving men away from their true identities. It is wonderful to see men of character such as Roosh V., Warren Farrell, Milo Yiannapolis, and others stem the tide of our destruction. But, it is not wonderful to see our own people undo the gains from the above mentioned men.


Well-meaning people in our movement “take two steps back” for every minor victory when they support businesses and organizations that have goals contrary to ours. Terrific examples of this are Google (supplying data to US Government),  various mainstream media outlets (New York Times sexist slant), and various businesses (Buzzfeed Canada doesn’t want white men, Target’s bathroom confusion, Starbucks’ baby-killing support among others). It is hard purging this from your life but it will make us stronger.

There are a few tips to help in cutting these cancers away:

  • Find a local substitute/family owned/man owned business
  • Do without!!! (Can you honestly tell me the losers on Big Brother are changing your life?)
  • Invest in your alternatives: Explicitly voice your opinion by “voting with your dollars”. The Man Empire is built of men by men.
  • Voice opinion/input for “unavoidable” parts of life. Fix it when you can by becoming involved, an example is sending in suggestions/fixes when Startpage doesn’t work, voicing your displeasure when federal tax funds are used for pro-feminist and anti-male advertising (i.e. The Family Violence Protection Fund commercial among others), welfare for people that are not exercising self-control/responsibility, etc.
  • Get involved locally: Jury nullification drives, speaking to groups of young men, speeches to civic group, etc. The liberal fascists knew about this before, people like Saul Alinsky helped create a monster (See Rules for Radicals).



These are just a few steps for you to start building the world that you should be living in. You are not a victim. You are a victorious member of society. It is your time to build our world back.


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