Shift Work Psycho: Fitness

Its time to stop being a fatass, it takes baby steps. I must confess, it is quite easy to sit around and enjoy the down time I have at work. The late hours coupled with sporadic work see to that, but there is something else wrong with this equation.

If you haven’t noticed, apathy coupled with comfort eating is creating grounds for being a fatass. The problem, outside of circadian rhythm issues, is an environment fosters formlessness, instead of stasis or improvement. Quite often a pattern that I originally followed was the pattern of complete neglect. I gained weight and lost cardiovascular capacity. I ballooned to a weight I had not previously seen. I had finally got pissed off when my pants were tight without a belt and I huffed/puffed all the time.

I decided to do something. First, was not eating the “table bombs” left at work by well meaning co-workers. (Cake and carbs are not a food group). Secondly, I decided to exercise again. Outside of gym work, I found some calistenics that can be done at work. (Found a cubby hole to use). I just have to “hit a lick” when I can and not slurk off to nap or bs.

Your job may be different but a culture and mindframe change is what you need. Its a start. Buck the system, start staying alive instead of dying like many of your coworkers.


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