Embrace the Insanity

A popular 90’s radfem talk show fixture, Susan Powter, was known for her saying: “Stop the Insanity”. Even though she wasn’t exactly a friend to modern day man, (she is twice divorced and playing for the other team), she had a strange way of using insanity to get her point across. I want to point out that it might be time to embrace the insanity.

I need to point out to you that insanity rears its ugly head in everyday society. We are just going to cover the positive aspects. Yeah, I’m that shallow.

Usage 1: Coping mechanisms for stress and stressful environments

With regards to the military, we had some stressful times. We had to deal with Homeland Security/Post 9-1/OEF bullshit. We had to deal with deployments and time droning on. We also had to deal with stupid, blue pill leadership. We found ways to deal with it. Whether it be stupid traditions (hazing/abuse), impromptu events (pranks/fake kidnappings), or dumb activities (crop dust farting, tea bagging, and the like), we found it a necessity to undertake. The events of our past were a manifestation of our stressful environment.

Outside of the military, many groups have elaborate displays like the Maori Haka. (Not quite “insane” but to an outsider, it appears to be a work of insanity that gets the group into a battle ready state). I lump the Haka in with the idea of esprit de corps.

Usage 2: Vibrant aggressive display/territorial display

One of my less PC mentions of insanity can be linked to our animal past: Trying to scare away someone attempting to steal a “mate”. Yes, that crazy bitch!!! Youtube hosts a ton of these videos, with or without fights. The evidence is real. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a psych-out but I’m sure that this is what they were getting at. Just imagine jumping and waving your arms to scare away a bear. Two guys might do it, try the infamous pounding your chest and throwing your arms up in the air posturing move. Just add screaming profanities, grunting, and what have you.

Insanity is among us. It always waits for a good time to poke out. I imagine that further ideas will come along. Consider this a nibble among the “food for thought” category. If you have any further ideas, feel free to drop me a line.


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