Why wait four years to do something???

Every four years, we seem to get in a frenzy when a presidential election comes around. The media feeds us the idea that this is the most efficient method for “change”. The truth is much further from that. The most efficient methods for change are on the local and state levels. I propose that you make your lives more meaningful by pushing for change at a local level, (the smallest level possible).

Local school districts are populated by left leaning bureaucrats that are often ill equipped to teach our future male leaders. It is imperative that strong male leads help stem the cultural holocaust against students. One of the ways men can help enact change on a local level is to attend school board/district meetings. It is a surprise that the public is not more vocal regarding lesson content and rule changes. (Please note that many people were surprised by their school districts adoption of Common Core, only if the concerned public had been involved to begin with). Outside of school board meetings and hearings; the presence of a strong male figure can influence a change in social mores and/or the way that male students are treated. The long term goals are to improve the treatment of male students and improve the educational experience for young men. Getting men involved in schools is a great way to push back against leftist’s desires to subjugate strong men, i.e. “us”.

Many pursuits that have traditionally been a mainstay of pro-male culture have slowly been eroded by marketing drives for “soccer mom” money. The most disgusting examples are the rise of gyms like Planet Fitness, Jett’s, and many others. The pursuit of true improvement (gains) and the victory of pain (weight loss) are slowly being replaced by a counterproductive cycle of good feelings; (this is apparent when a gym feeds  you candy and does away with heavy free weights). The “good feelings cycle” keeps fatties coming back to a “safe space” instead of achieving improvement. A proposal to bring back greatness will be going back to gyms designed for men and ran for the sole reason of strengthening men. A necessary step is to be bring like minded men together and forming a private club (non-profit organization). This is one of the few ways that standardized rules/views can be reinforced and help foster a return of a pro-male dominion. The private club allows you to exclude those who need to be excluded and allows for those involved to avoid SJW pitfalls, “No Judgement Zones”, and anti-male sentiments. The private club/gym concept can bring back the model of the “rock pile”, “iron pile” that was found in the California/Louisiana penal systems. You don’t need the tanning beds and a smoothie bar, but you need weights and equipment. You need an example to grow and develop into. The private gym will help sharpen men into that example.

An idea, congruent with the private gym, that can be a driving force for society is to use all male civic clubs to influence young men through outreach. Civic groups, like Knights of Columbus (KoC) and Wolves of Vinland (WoV), reflect the views/mores of its constituents. The collapse of modern society is giving credence to “strong male” led groups (Proud Boys, WoV, etc.). The “strong male” groups must resist the degradation that has affected groups like the Boy Scouts and others. Reclaiming masculinity as a beneficial asset instead of something toxic can be an unifying force for the modern “renaissance” man. The groups should reflect the views, not of society now, but what society should become. The easy vision is not what is needed but the long term survival of our species.

In western society, (namely in the US), power elites have helped cement their control over our species with a combination of our own self imposed ignorance and the elite’s grip on the press. The power elite has controlled the press and drowned our society with their “global socialist” narrative. The decent men of our society let this happen for the past few decades. The revolutionary idea would be to support the alternative press (alt-right/libertarian) and to start to reshape the media that we want to present the news to us. The idea that the alternative press is in its infancy, is not real news, and that the mainstream media is the only mature option are falsehoods. We can support/patronize the media that supports our way life with our money and our information. If we starve those oppose us (MSM, leftist supporters, etc.), they will change to suit us or cease to exist.

Our march back towards the way that things should be is an arduous one.  The steps to this march aren’t easy but worth the struggle. The above suggestions are not a complete list but a taste that should inspire you. Continue to thrive and flourish.


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