No Local Events? Have a Man’s Night In

Many people that know me know that I live in between an entertainment drought and a hearty spring. I had noticed that this last weekend was among the driest we had. Our first microbrewery (in Decatur) is still under construction and I didn’t see anything in “Huntsvadison” that picqued my interest. I stopped to ponder: “Perhaps, I should have called everyone I knew and do something”.

Drawing ideas from my knowledge of MMA events, I pitched the idea of watching UFC Auckland Fight Night (noting that Belator MMA did not have an PPV level event). Two of a few possible interested parties were contacted. Party “A” who had the venue decided to see his mother. This left yours truly and Mr. Broke (Party “B”) in the dark. We decided to scrub watching the fights due to money and venue issues.

All of available parties that might have been interested in doing something on a slow Saturday might have been game for something relatively cheap. Although I didn’t pitch this idea, I propose that we should have a “Man’s Night In”. It sounds beyond cheesy but I don’t know many men that even try to get an old fashioned card game together. Every time yours truly and the few people that I count as friends get together, we usually have the best time “de-stressing” with the most simple activities (i.e. shooting pool, throwing darts, etc). Toss in decent adult beverages and cigars/cigarettes and you have a “time”.

I need to stress that as men, we need to return to the days that we get grounded and keep in contact with our tribe.

If not this weekend, it should be the next. At least until the microbrewery opens.


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