How You Can Be Better Than a Woman

With a heavy heart I must tell you something; Men in the South are losing their way. At least “the way” that brought us better lives and brought order to wear we lived. We are seeing ourselves “de-evolve”. We are seeing ourselves becoming “worse than women”. I advise men of the “New South” to buck new trends that face us and go back to the greatness that we once saw. I would like to present propositions that would bring about the change.

  • Be better than women

Yes, it is your starting point. Setting an example is something that you should be doing. Pointless bickering and “bitching” puts you below some of the lowest. Try shutting up and not giving someone an argument. Silence is golden and many women out there don’t understand this concept.

  • You can choose to not associate (Your Time is Valuable)

Yes, It doesn’t make you look good when you associate with “cousin loving” redneck types and cross over thug types. Southern men traditionally work for a living to earn money instead of cooking meth or whatever shitheels do these days. The same can be said about “slumming it” with single mothers and other low rent women that don’t bring anything to your lives. There is a great chance that they won’t be there for you, considering they made bad decisions on their own behalf. If people want to be in your lives that they need to bring something besides an open hand.

  • Don’t stick your dick in crazy

It doesn’t make you look good when your crazy ex starts harassing your family and neighbors. Why did you start with her to begin with? If you weren’t smart enough or literate to read #2 above, you need to check out wisdom from August Løvenskiolds or anyone on Reddit. They will tell you: “Don’t Stick Your Dick in Crazy”. It will follow you and someone close to you won’t forget. That and you will be judge by others down the road for your piss poor judgement.

Obviously, I don’t always type up a manifesto so I can tell you that this list is incomplete. I have no issue typing up “afterthoughts”. A real man admits when he is not 100%. A shit heel can’t admit.  Me a man, not a shit heel.


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