Bitch Box or How I learn to STFU

As I catch myself driving along some of the busier (laughably) roads; I catch myself griping and bitching about many things. Whether it be out of town drivers, poorly done road construction, and a laundry list of stupid shit; I am usually letting it fly. I don’t like having to drive anywhere but I later found out complaining was a waste of time.

Days later is when “it” hit me. I am just destroying my ability to function on a level of decency. I, along with others, believe that you can’t get on with your lives if you are letting stupid, inconsequential negative things affect you. I know this is a statement heard many times before. Now for my proposition!

The Bitch Box

Every time you get peeved about these little things that piss you off royally; write it down! Find yourself a box (conviently for me an Oliva Serie O cigar box). Write down your complaint, put it in your Bitch Box, and come back to it in 48 hours. After the 48 hours, check out what you wrote. Does this complaint change your life? Does it improve your life? If it is worth your time, do something about it. If not; stop worrying about it and drop it. You will notice that you can move on to things more important.

An example of this was manhole accesses in the road. Yes, we have freshly paved roads with poorly constructed manhole access areas. The discount paving our roads received often does not include fixing the slopes of the side of the road and areas near manhole covers. The few days after I hit one of these axle snappers I noticed that a follow up crew was making their rounds near the road making touch ups.

A real man doesn’t have time to sweat this small stuff. Focus on the big stuff. It may need your input for change. The real change that a man can give. Stay on the straight road of your life.

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