Maybe It Is Your Job?

Today I watched a local town worker raise the flags outside Town Hall that were at half-mast. I watched as she failed to properly raise the flags in an appropriate order (according to the US Flag Code).

The old stubborn veteran in me was angry that it wasn’t done properly, but it only took thirty seconds to figure out what I did wrong. I wasn’t doing the task myself or at least other veterans weren’t doing it.

I thought to myself: What other jobs were I and other men failing to do?

Setting a Good Example

I walk around in public and I allow young men with no influence walk around looking like utter shit. I am talking pants around the knees stupid shit. A good gentleman would probably offer to buy the kid a belt or at least tell the kid he looks like a jackass. (You never know if they can afford one).

Empowering Men in Our Reach

We never encourage many men in our community to make the “next leap”. We are the first to discourage but we are seldom there to drive our fellow man to success. Why not start a business? Why aren’t we helping out?

Taking Risks/Investing

I see every pencil neck, limp wrist on the news touting their company’s “culturally sensitive” tripe. People are quick to throw money at something that creates genocide for real men (Google or Starbucks, anyone) instead of something local. Why not take your risks at a local level? I see small businesses on Kickstarter not raise a dime when someone with a contrary message raise a ton. Maybe it is time to send my money to a local man owned business? If he fails, he fails but it won’t kill you in the long run.

Small leaps of faith/Helping out

This one royally pisses me off. Cars stalling out at a stoplight. Traffic piles up behind them. Why not be the one who pushes them off to a parking lot or the side of the road? The time you take to do the good deed is time you saved others. Hell, call it community service!! You might not believe in karma but people will see you doing something great. It takes a little leap of faith.


As I always do; I cut an article short. Think of things that might really be your job. Your society needs you to the them. Be the man that your world needs.


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