Start of the September of Success

The Fraternity of Excellence (FOE), along with yours truly, are undertaking something to bring further meaning to our lives. It is a serious move to bring back dignity to our lives and society.
I have seen terrible things that men have done to society and to themselves. We see everything from men mistakenly supporting the #MeToo movement, attending “Slutwalks”, and various “kiss-up” activities that certainly help to drop one’s testosterone levels. Although I have not listed every little activity that helps the backward walk of our existence; there is a trend towards “righting” what many of us feel is a listing ship.

We men, of the FOE, feel like men need to be men again. Men who were a compliment to society instead of a detriment and a completing piece of human existence.
The FOE desires to bring back strong men for strong society. One of the biggest “moves” in the right direction is the project known as September of Success. We will undertake challenges to the mind, body, and spirit.

I hope to share with you my changes and my challenges also.

Men, feel free to join the FOE. Visit the website at

Please stay tuned in to learn more about this.

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