You’re the Captain?

I have had my run ins with men that put themselves on level with military officers. I found them to be petty tyrants at best, but I occasionally find a few that can shine through.

These men show some sort of leadership and they know it on the best level that they can handle. (They don’t lead the Seals when the best that they can handle a wilderness retreat). They learn small and slowly pickup challenges when finding the ability to adapt.
I knew petty tyrants in the service that didn’t know their place. They either practiced the old “stab and suck” or the “donkey whipper”. They thought they can impress others by not fostering the best in their men. Of course, shit rises to the top but often it won’t stay there. I saw a few “stab and suck” adherents fall to unmerciful career ending episodes, a few made national news.
I must implore you to know your ability to lead. You may only be leading by example or some type of spiritual leader, but it is the leadership that men need today. You can cause inspiration and you can also lead with “words of fire”. (I used to see “great” dictators leading lost men in overseas countries, but today it is few and far between).
Let men not be lost when you hold a light. Show others what the way can be.

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