Lost Soldiers are finally found

I spoke with a former Navy Seal a few months ago. (I had mentioned how hard it was to meet men to build a community with  or at least men that I didn’t find completely detestable). I didn’t know where to find said people. I’ve looked in church, martial arts world, and various other places. I’ve found out that I was that much different and that other people could stand my humor, (oh hell! they probably couldn’t stand me either). Never wondering; I saw on a t shirt with the following saying: I’m from my own little world, its okay they know me there.

Outside of my little world, I don’t make connections at work like other people. I do have a “work brother” but he lives on the opposite side of hell than I do. Long story short for you ADD foot tapping types, I actually met two other gents that were nearly cut from the same weird cloth as I was. We met at a work event. We all kind of huddled together to lament the fact that we don’t make connections as others do, mostly due to our adoption of sick senses of humor while we were in the US military. We all shared stupid off key jokes with sarcasm. We all had stories that touched on sensitive subjects. (We all hate the PC world, triggering, and all that horrible stuff). I caught myself talking about punk rock shows and throwing elbows with all sorts of riffraff. No one around us knew of these strange travels. We always get the strangest looks. It seems to never end but eventually it did.

At the end of the event, when we were parting ways, I shared the following saying to our Marine buddy: “Thank you for acting like I was a fellow human being”!

I may never have been a Marine but I do like when I meet the few and the proud. (and when they share their unique spirit).

God bless you.  HOORAH! Thank you brothers. Fair winds and following seas.

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