There is no Drago !!!!

In Rocky IV, Ivan Drago was Rocky Balboa’s russian nemesis. I grew up knowing that Ivan Drago was supposed to be the ultimate villain. If you watched the movie carefully, you would see the person to be “bested”, the man in the mirror.

Rocky needed to overcome his own shackles and weights. He was the weight that he carried. (No one presented Apollo’s death as Rocky’s responsibility).

I have learned through speaking with people that I knew from the past that many people remembered decent things about me and largely forgot some shady things I did.

The things in my past, quite often my creations, are the things that hamper me. I want you to see in your life that the only thing holding you back from victory is not a real adversary, it is your own created baggage and your lack of drive to find solutions.

It is easy to make cop out excuses. I want to aid you in the drive for “the win” with this exercise. I want you to look in the mirror every day. This is the person responsible for your failure and your successes. He/She is your Drago.

The challenges do not stop. The person to be bested is you. I have a “Mayweather” for every day of the week. He is the man in the mirror.


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