Fitness rant: Cankles still suck

I just wanted to rant at you for a little bit. (I usually reserve a patented rant about skinny jeans on men over 19 but I’ll keep that in the quiver for now).

I have always complained about men accepting being overweight. Now that we have got that out of the way; I present to you something else shitty in men’s lives. Something I never had a problem with but I sure as hell make sure it won’t become a problem…”cankles” or non-leg having jackass syndrome.

I see any guy that doesn’t have anything near a set of calves and I think the worst for humanity. You shouldn’t be anywhere over 20 without calves. This is the time for you to start growing up by looking grown up. And not looking like half of the pencil neck/geek turds that the television programs put up as a visage of manhood.

If you are wondering why life is not treating you like you are a man; its because you look like a boy in men’s clothes. (I used the phrase “bell bottoms without extra material”). Its time to start doing some exercises and eating some chicken. (Hell, eat more protein, in the event that you get sick of chicken).

There are plenty of great resources on Reddit for you in the event that you are looking to get out of this awful “cankle” zone. Do yourself a favor and man up. ***End Rant***



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