Walking back from the edge

 (I wrote this article this morning. I just read Craig James’ piece The Suicide Solution – Part Two.I would be intellectually dishonest to not include a link to his work. It is often in line with what I harp on).

I often sound like a broken record but I always mean the best when I say that suicide should not be an option. (Hunter Drew from The Family Alpha mentioned the concept of self-sacrifice in his work A Beautiful Suicide, this concept is one of the few times taking your own life would make sense). It is contrary to men and it is an affront to our existence. I never make light of a man’s struggle but in our lives the crosses we are bestowed are ours to carry.

Although I do not speak for every man; I have seen men step up to the edge. The faces of insanity poke out through actions, words, and the withdrawal of both. We exhibit those that we love shy away. We also can see men “yearn for the gallows” when they bring up death and talk of “the end”. (I worried about a shipmate that drew pictures of suicide and had taken pictures of a gun in his mouth but it ended up an opportunity to learn about him. He never did attempt but he had had an unnatural fascination with the aftermath of suicide).

Not matter what falls apart in men’s lives, we must remember that our experiences are not unique. Someone has caught their girlfriend with another woman. Someone has withered away decades of their lives fighting substance abuse. Someone has blown through credit the size of their mortgage at a casino. Tyler Durden taught us this: “You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else”. I am telling you that these are not reasons to die.  Find a reason to wake up and make that more of a reason comparative to what is driving you to suicide. George Bailey celebrated the fact that he was going to jail! (and your ass is crying about an ex-wife!).

 If I had to pick one reason to live it would be the fact that I could punch a man trying to commit suicide. I could always give him an opportunity to walk back from the edge but I could live easy knowing that I stood up for what I believe. I believe that the taste of blood in that man’s mouth when I get done punching him will taste like champagne. I believe that he will eventually dream of freedom, right after I yell: “Thanks for coming out”—–(special thanks to David Dellarocco).


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