Dark days are a necessity

 I feel down on cloudy and dark days. I feel amiss when the sun is not beating down on my face. I know that I am not the only one. Fret not my fellow men, dark days are a necessity.

                Dark days serve as a reminder of what good we have in our lives. It makes one celebrate when the sun returns, (and in many places on the earth we celebrate when our hours of sunlight outstretch those of the darkness).  It will be the return of good and fruitfulness.

                For those that toil, the clouds give us a respite away from punishment. Rain outs give us time to spend with loved ones or a moment to catch our breath. The rains take care of our favorite shade tree. The same tree that gives us a place to have lunch or a peaceful moment with a loved one.

                The clouds in our lives (loss and separation) should not overshadow the times of love. The love that exists within both “brothers” and within those that titillate us. Just as the sun travels and sleeps, our relationships cycle. Often we see darkness but that darkness should be preparation to bask in the new opportunity that awaits. New people often bring a new energy. Just as the sun does.

                I feel that you should not stay in the doldrums but you should celebrate the opportunity to discover the unknown when the darkness subsides. Beyond a sunset could be the greatness in a man’s life.


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