A Gift to those that made You

I often forget to give credence to those that “made” me. My memory softens through time but I must do something to salute those that lent wisdom or some type of monumental push in your life.

I want my gift to be something that those people might miss in their lives. My concept was the old fashion letter. The vast majority of people in the US receive nothing worthwhile in the mail outside of junk mail, bills, and political advertisements.

I am hoping that my gratitude might make their trip to the mailbox exciting. I hope that these people know that their slice of life’s pie is considerable and noteworthy. Their contribution is larger than those that stood against me or thwarted my forward motion through various means. I must remind them that even the smallest kind gesture should warrant a reflection and smile.

I often hear “no worries” or “its not a big deal” when I bring up my appreciation. I worry that the great people in my life don’t know that they are a big deal to me. The folks that help fuel my life should reap the rewards. A letter of thanks is the least I could do.


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