Warrior ethic to other battlegrounds

In my previous blue pill existence; I had dabbled in mixed media art. I had felt a connection with the tools I had used, and I was able to formulate my position in life to a physical existence. I had felt that it was a decent way to stay away from anxiety driving stimuli.

But In the past few years I have focused on taking care of the warrior within me. (I had allowed myself to gain excessive amounts of weight and I was failing to be a competitor in a competitive world). I always have had the belief that conflict, and “war” helped shape men or at least helped shape the resolve in which men faced their problems in life.

I had to come to the realization that I shouldn’t have stopped fighting after I left military service. I believe that a goal or even some type of metaphorical struggle is something that I was lacking. I picked up the desire/struggle to get into “fighting shape”.

I am competing with other men for resources. I am competing for influence and position. It is one thing competing with others but my biggest competitor to be “bested’ is me. My usual battlefield is usually the gym. (Never mind I can’t bullsh*t my way into acting like my professional life has been the most fruitful).

I have decided to flex my views and dust off the old creative element that I had previously used. I am going to enter a local art show that alumni (college) are invited to engage in. I want to bring a little bit of the RP message to this show. (I’ve found that many of the “lilly livered” types are often using events like this to signal shitty beliefs that hurt society). I am bringing the warrior ethic to a different battleground. The time to start fighting was yesterday.


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