Pick your enemies wisely

You have always heard the phrase “pick and choose your battles”. The vast majority of men understand and heed this advise. The sad thing is that many men waste their energies when they don’t follow another decent piece of advice: “Pick your enemies wisely”.

I have seen many public figures on various social media formats needle lesser known (also arguably misguided) single mothers, feminists, and other “activists” of their ilk. Although the feeling of melting snowflakes might boost your ego, its a waste of time. You might have luck converting those on the margins but many of your targets are “stuck in the muck” of ideology. I knew of someone that I actually apologized to due to the fact that this person would have been identified as beautiful if their views would have reflected something that other people in society could stomach. The person chose to take the “Sheryl Sandberg” Pill and reject biology. Time is not kind to those, perhaps I must watch that person wither away.

I don’t shy away from a good joke when it comes to many of these people. (I highlight the bumper sticker: “Dont mess with Texas. Its not funny to pick on retards”. It should have read “Dont mess with SJWs. Its not funny to pick on retards” instead). I occasionally level a joke but I don’t want to give any attention to white knights and to those people that they swear allegiance too. I stop due to my worry about doxxing. I hope evolution can handle those that hide in their mother’s basements.

Don’t try to find enemies. They will reveal themselves. The people near the margins may convert someday. Pick your enemies wisely and know them well.

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