Timeout for a “Piece of Mind”

Without crowing on and on, like I have been known to do. I wanted to leave you with a few things to ponder.

 Cell phone=backward evolution


I remember watching security camera footage of a person falling into a fountain while texting. I ponder if this is some form of backward evolution. We can’t save some people. This is Tyler Durden’s “panda” moment.


    Beware of fair weather friends of the newly fallen


Harvey Weinstein has received his share of arrow hits lately. I never deny that something negative happened, (coercion, strong arming,?) but there were other things that bother me about his downfall. Consider the people that benefited from his work and heaped praises on him (even when rumors swirled) and conveniently turned their backs when the latest hashtag came out. Someone is okay to make money off of but you grow amnesia later on. I must call you on your bullshit. It is one thing that you benefit from a madman but it is another when you deny it.


  Censorship is a sign of weakness


Reddit has decided to “quarantine” one of its subreddits; “The Red Pill”. Although I believe that we are missing a great resource, this might be a great moment to grow outward. It is time to hop on a virtual Mayflower and find a new home. Censorship helps kill many creative outlets. It is just the beginning of a death spiral. Kiss this company goodbye and starting the toilet’s handle. Your enemies are screwing up. Thank them for their own errors.


Don’t hide: No one will look for you


I couldn’t give two shits if you are an introvert or not. Just don’t be one of those idiots that complain you are alone. I have a good feeling that you only make a token attempt at meeting other people, that and you bring nothing to the table. You sit in your domicile after you have worked your shitty job and do nothing of interest. When you finally venture out, you sit with your face in a phone. You converse with “uh-huhs” and “yeahs”. You hide but you wonder why no one has found you. Do yourself and favor, grow a personality. Learn how to verbalize. Get some stories. Do the legwork, no one is looking for you. Put in a 3:1 ratio. Or just STFU and wither. I don’t really care.



Thank you for joining me for a brief break. Get on with your life. Piss off.

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