Help Start the Destruction

I did something that many men have done previously, specifically something that I should have done years ago. It started with a well-meaning suggestion from a friend on how I could reconnect with former co-workers. I hadn’t known the best way to do so, outside of “Googling” the hell out of their names. This friend suggested I try a somewhat new website called “Facebook”. (You may laugh but I didn’t know it that well. I was still hanging out with random Czechs on Myspace). It was mind blowing to find all the people that I had lost contact when I moved away from home and Florida. A few years on Facebook were great, sharing pictures and stories. It was nice to see our families, but it started getting ugly. I started to get a strong whiff of low-end political bullshit. I heard enough #MeToo stories, never mind I was among a few falsely accused to get brow beaten.

I saw Mark Zuckerberg, chief assclown for Facebook, talk like a complete pussy to media outlets on various subjects. His demeanor and mutant water drinking skills during his testimony in front of congress made me dislike Facebook even more. I flirted with the idea of “getting off” Facebook but I failed to finally hit “Delete” function.

A few days ago; I started the countdown. Megadeth said it best with the songs Countdown to Extinction and Symphony of Destruction. I want to watch Facebook destruct. I want to watch the payday disappear. I don’t want to enable chickenshit limpwrists anymore. In a few days; I am going to erase my footprint. I will tell every other man to do the same thing. If someone needs to find me, they will try harder. Your real friends will find you if they need you. Zberg and the other space mutants will figure out some other way to try to brain wash you. Get a life and don’t let him. Figure it out. Be a man. Start the destruction of Facebook.


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