September of Success 2018—A Requiem

I am not mourning the end of another September of Success. I am celebrating the building block that the rest of my life is to be built on.


This was my first time I was actually able to plug in and get it done. I consider it a wild victory that I have been able to tackle many goals and many other things I think impossible. (And yes; I am among a small percentage of men that has sworn off “the FAP”. It might not seem believable but I think that we are capable of greater things).


I am hoping that you understand that I am not some giant. I am just a man who made a few goals. It was something that I had failed at the first time. I had failed and then was depressed, but I became inspired by others that were successfully doing what I wanted to do. They made me want to do better and they supported me through the struggles. If I could push you to be better like they did, I will! Feel free to do better and feel better! (R&D=Rip off and Duplicate).


I “will it” that the next few months can carry on as fruitful as September has been. The cold is a challenge but it is a gift to my muscles. I will mourn the loss of hot weather but I will celebrate the harvest time. October is to be a month where I focus on my obscenity, both spoken and action. November is where I need to focus on my family direction and continued fruitfulness. December should be a re-birth and a time for reflection. May the rest of 2018 be a gift to you.

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