Mindset of Choice

With regards to Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset; I can choose to live within the mindset of success or failure. I choose also to live within a modicum of happiness. This is contrary to what a large portion of protestors of every slant have done. I have seen gnashing of teeth and illogical displays of emotion. The physical responses seen are not marks of civility but of irrational people choosing a certain mindset. Contrary to these upset people, I choose to be happy when I am engaged in trying to change things.


I believe that you can choose to be happy when being engaged in your attempts to change a system or things. Your health is affected by your mood. Also, why not be healthy so you can engaged in your battles longer? (If you cannot be in it for the long haul, is it a worthwhile pursuit?) Your opposition can easily outlast you by watching you wither away or easily by watching your side dwindle by attrition. The expenditure of energy for no real reason benefits the patient side over the eager.


Another upside of choosing happiness as your mindset is that you are naturally a better ambassador for your side than someone that stays sour or angry. It is easier to “convert” someone on the margins when they see the “good” within your group. You can be someone that is good to be around too.


I have taken flack for mentioning the fact that many people wonder why they don’t have friends when they look sour or have that dreaded “resting bitch face”. The one way to fight back from having this problem is keeping a positive outlook, (think happy/pleasant thoughts for the love of God)! Although I hate the concept of an addictive smile; most folks won’t get pissed at seeing someone one. Be “friendly” to receive friendly reactions. People usually don’t mind listening to a friend’s opinion but an adversarial person doesn’t represent one well.


In the event you read Gorilla Mindset, please take away the fact that you control how you feel. You can have much better in your life by changing your mindset. This shift can allow you to do more and help others to your cause.


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