Stay Alert to the Changing Tide

The wisest sailors know the best time to leave in the morning and the best time to comeback at evening times. A ship is dependent on tides when it comes to navigation. Navigating during certain tides can leave your ship aground or struggling to make way. The principle of knowing changing tides applies to humans also, (never mind the fact that we are at the mercy of different challenges than ocean going ships)!

One of the biggest things that I had to stay abreast of in my life is my own personal health. The times that I slipped caused me anguish (severe weight gain) and decreased mobility (ignoring injuries). This form of changing tide hampered my ability to enjoy what athleticism brings and what pleasure various diversions often brought.

A tide of great concern was the health of loved ones. I am treading the water of the challenges brought by the ups and downs regarding my loved one’s health. It has taken extra time out of my life to learn about various conditions and appropriate responses to these changes. I have to learn how to deal with the added stress also. I have also been forced to learn where my boundaries are drawn when new challenges appear. It is mandatory to learn where your life’s ship is headed.

RP wisdom has often served as a life’s navigation chart. Certain life events and ways to handle those events are plotted in my mind comparatively to shipwrecks plotted on near shore navigational maps. I have learned to navigate pitfalls from many other men’s mistakes and successes. (Thank you for forums and RP wisdom).

Every sailor has heard of Maritime Rules of the Road. (RotR serve as a rule book for ships operations in regard to traffic and courtesy. Think safe handling). The Rules of the Road of our lives comes from a combination of best practices and various publications (think RM and various books). It is frame among others and how we handle ourselves, (much like how a “seaworthy” ship handles challenges and operating in busy waters around others).

Just like ships; adopting best practices and being alert are the best way to navigate challenging operating arenas. It is up to us to adjust to these perils. It is up to us to learn from others and to aid other mariners in harm’s way. A sailor is a fool unless he is aware of the changing tide.

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