Moving On to Adult Things

Last night I enjoyed traveling to a neighboring metropolitan city to see a speaker, (former pastor and author Rob Bell) (@realrobbell). I enjoyed the long ride to the event that featured in depth MMA discussions and reflecting on how things are changing for us as men. We chose to reflect on some positive aspects and tried our best to not lament some of the dumb things we see, (I can’t say that I am perfect but at least we laugh about it). I have mentioned more than once that we are living in the “golden years” because we can choose to be happy.


One of the things that I celebrate now is that I can enjoy events like a spoken word event, film presentation, or other “intelligent type” get together. This was not always possible when my sole focus was booze and screwing. I learned that I could have a decent time with other people of many backgrounds. The biggest joy is that I saw other adults enjoying a moment to relax and use their brains instead of walking around like zombies or being involved with child like endeavours that I see other supposed adults being engaged with, (don’t get me started on this crap…you know who you are)!


I had seen people using critical thinking skills instead of staring blindly at something else that would do the thinking for them. The vast majority of the people there didn’t seem to have a “super fake” veneer to them compared to other places that I mistakenly wondered into. I heard people use sentences to communicate instead of stupid shit like “lol” or any other “low end” drivel that passes for words. I have every reason to believe that I saw people that decided that they were moving on to adult things in their lives.


If I could press you to embrace one thing in your lives; it would be that you end the extended adolescence that we are expected to live and find the adult things that can truly bring you a semblance of peace. This is in comparison to the chasing of dopamine blasts with ephemeral entertainment that we engage in. We will stop being sick when we unhook. We will be well when we embrace adult things. Please join me.


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