Thank the Unknown

Many of the multitudes of readers have heard me preach about dealing with uncertainty. (In short; Ive mentioned that you need to tackle anxiety head on and by not quivering in your boots. Dare and do). I want to share with you a beautiful break through that I had seen today.

I had been traveling through a few towns that I had previously seen before. I don’t particularly enjoy this drive. People seem to not give much “carriage” to a vehicle my size. I also travel through areas that saw their better years in the early 90’s. I see boarded up “mom and pop” hotels. I see roadside gas stations from the 1950’s with trees through the roofs. It is often boring riding alone with close to pure static on the radio. The only positive is my thoughts are allowed to be sifted. I do my best to find beauty when possible.


Our route was changed a little on this trip. Instead of a rock desert and a poorly planned neighborhood, we took a turn into a equally bleak exit. I didn’t see a whole lot this way either. I wasn’t sure why we were taking this alternate route. We drove through the complete lack of excitement and then there was a breakthrough. I see a few buildings and landmarks I had never seen before. I see the glimmer of civilization, a hospital. We came near our destination, specifically near somewhere I had never been. I saw an old church that had a beautiful stand alone building. I had seen business suites that were in the process of being born again. There are many things to find value in.

I still am not fond of the place that I have ended up at but I am thankful for a little excitement. I also owe a big thank you to the unknown. It helps salvage a strange trip.


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