Withholding Despair

As the temperature fluctuates with the changing of the seasons, I am reminded of the “death” of another year. A large portion of the country may see a blanket of snow while the untouched portions see the loss of deciduous foliage. We are supposed to look forward to football season and a temporary respite from terribly hot weather but I find fall to be a time of uncertainty.

I don’t know what the company has in store for us. (In my past jobs I never knew if a budget would involve layoffs or even a bonus around the corner). The vast majority of the people are celebrating the end of the business cycle but many of us are anticipating next year’s schedule.

This is all before “winter” sets in, (fall being “imazingly” short and giving birth to our observation of winter).

Winter has never been a time I have been at my strongest. I traditionally slip up the most during this season and I often neglect to take care of myself. I let things get bad, along with feeling like shit. The cure is to be mindful and focus on a series of escalating goals.

It is imperative that you look at winter as a rest instead of a time of despair. It is a time for you to keep working and to enjoy the “knocking down” effect of the cold. Please feel free to work hard and trudge forward. Withhold your despair and harden up. This is my plan for this winter.


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