Burning Bridges: You Might Return

I am writing to you while I’m on a business trip in a place where I had previously been to. This place had seen its better days when government funding was plentiful but it is now more known for weeds and abandoned structures.

I don’t specifically enjoy coming here. I feel like the vast majority of people have given in to “learned apathy”. Very few dare to do anything different and they easily watch the rest of the world leave in a trail of dust. Most people are friendly and that makes living here temporarily a lot easier.

I decided to withhold my offhanded comments that many people have heard me share. I understand that every place I go is not a “bumping” metropolitan city. I also understand that people operate a little more simply than I do. It is okay to be different, (I would probably go nuts if I just got stuck dealing with a world full of people like me).

I have decided to make an attempt at getting to know people here and create connections, (please note I am sporadically here. It could be twice a year or I could not be here for a few years). I want to “find” reasons to be positive and allowing people to be themselves is a great start.

Shying away from being ugly and adding value to other people’s lives is something I need to do. The concept of making a “home” wherever you go is a good policy. It can help you through having local knowledge and perhaps when emergencies come along. I believe that not being a stranger is a good policy wherever you go, (and the reciprocal is true when you run into others in your town). Burning bridges is never a good idea, you might need to return. Make an effort to build a new path for the future.


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