“Shut Up” and Its Benefits

Elizabeth Warren attempted to take the bull by the horns and she ended up getting gored. She attempted to answer to a potentially hyperbolic set of statements for Pres. Donald Trump on her Native American heritage claims by “transmitting” her results to the media, (albeit in an attempt to call Pres. Trump in his “million dollar DNA challenge”). The response is most likely something that she lost credibility over and the results are not what she wanted. Her best response would be to “shut up” and not give any attention to anything close to hyperbolic.

Along with speaking plainly and with purpose, shutting your mouth quite often can benefit you greatly. The vast majority of the time you can wait for an adversary to make a mistake. (The only time a grandiose response could be considered is when the “stiff hand of silence” is seen as lazy or when something is needed to defend someone’s honor. Heritage is not one of these situations). Giving in to vitriol or hyperbolic statements are often what the person is looking to begin with. Why give them the benefit of playing into their game? You can save your energies for times where passion is best suited such as a televised debate where you must be as marketable as possible and you must put forth the best face.

Quite often striking at the right moment is what it takes to defeat a political adversary, (Donald Trump made Jeb Bush look less presidential. He also “hit” him with his hands down). Shutting up is waiting for the right time to pounce. Time is a gift; use it.

We have all heard a saying close to the idea that “its better to be called a fool than speak and remove all doubt”. I believe that you aren’t a fool when quiet but you seem smarter than someone who is ill-informed. Appearing smarter than you really are can’t be a bad thing.

I wanted to close with a simple statement to remember: You should seldom turn down an opportunity to “shut the f*ck up”. Consider it a gift that might reward you.


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