Revisiting Failed Attempts

Hunter Drew, brother from the Fraternity of Excellence and The Family Alpha (@HunterDrewTFA), had previously said that we need to try something stupid sometimes. I wanted to revisit this idea again.


Many people that I know think it is stupid to revisit something that has gone awry previously. (The concept of looking towards the future and ditching old shit that has failed you in the past). My “stupid” thing to revisit is something that I had failed at big time.


Last night while I was at the gym; I squatted (3×10 for 230lbs) for the first time in a few months. This was after previously throwing the bar along with 300 odd pounds on the safety rail when I was crunching my back and rolled my shoulders. (I wasn’t going to get started bitching about injuries or other copouts). (I had worked around squats altogether for a decent time using other bodyweight exercises and other machines). (The time not squatting allowed me to increase my deadlift by a good amount). It was a strange feeling throughout my upper body and I was struggling to remember my breathing patterns required to not get light headed. The end result was that many of the muscles that I had been neglecting are springing to life.


I honestly thought revisiting things that went shitty was a terrible idea but it has given me an opportunity to try to engage my “1000 lbs. club” goal. I am making headway and it is another thing for me to look forward to. I choose to be positive and I find reasons to be the light within my life. I believe that the drive and acquisition towards a brighter future is one thing that men can bestow upon other men.


I am hoping that I can drive you to revisit a “stupid”/failed attempt. It might take your second time around to reach it.  Keep going and be the blessing in your world!!!



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