A FreeThanksgiving message from Matt FreeMatt

I started somewhat sporadically writing down five things everyday I was thankful for. I wanted to use the Thanksgiving holiday to offer my thanks to the Fraternity of Excellence, my brothers in all stages. I would rather have a few ronin with me than a promise of 100 that may not exist when troubles are abound.


Tex:   I can only strive to become a man like Tex in the future, unless I can be better using his example.


Hans:  To remind me that written communication can be spoken communication. It is up to me to relay ideas.


Adam: Tomorrow and today; I should strive to learn from your successes. Why not “f*ck the world”?


Never a lack of knowledge to share; Rugby is a man’s library.


Khairy: Our brother from the far end…is closer than we think. In a few years, brother.


F*ck: For every year its utterance is disappearing from the 21Con but its importance is real when spoken by Hunter Drew.


Undertaking the process to change is one that we must do wholeheartedly. Only “you” are responsible at the end.


Laughing at naysayers. My drive to ignore and charge into the flames has increased: F*ck the World!!!!


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1 Response to A FreeThanksgiving message from Matt FreeMatt

  1. Craig James says:

    What a testament it is to see a list of thanks comprised of a man being thankful for what other men are imparting into his life. You’re appreciated brother. See you soon!


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