Because You Can

               I encourage you to always dream and undertake steps to achieve those dreams. Mostly because it is a piece of who I am to throw “fuckall”to the wind and be the person to tell you that you should “because you can”. (I have a tolerance for positive belief).

                 I have a desire to meet or fall within the US Navy SWCC guidelines, (sparingly known as the gold standard times of the SWCC Physical Screening test).

                Many of you didn’t know my struggle with physical fitness during the 2000-2004 time frame but know of the lard ass days that I loathed well afterward. I had at one time desired to join the SWCC community as a crewman. I lacked the “fuck it”goals and the sobriety to get it done. I know of someone, ( a senior enlisted man code named AquaLung) that encouraged me to try for a SWCC team. He was evidence that you could do something “because you can”.

                Now in life; I don’t want to join a SWCC team. I do want a crew of able minded men in life. I do want physical fitness. I have decided that this would be a perfect time to undertake the journey to blow these numbers out of the water. Many people would ask why; my answer is easily “because I can”. I choose to dress better. I choose to become physically fit and engage in physical fitness. This can allow me to be a leader of sorts. (Either I can be a leader or at least have the semblance of a leader).

                I encourage you to undertake missions in your life, not for the “feels” or some shitty expectations of others, but for the fact that you can. “Because you can”is a great reason to do something positive. These steps put you within the frame of a leader, especially when others won’t. “Doing” is within the scope of men. Do because you can.

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1 Response to Because You Can

  1. SteelJanz says:

    Because I can has gotten me farther than when told I have to or else.


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