What can I do for the “Beast”?

(Acta Non Verba—The Family Alpha) Brothers, indeed.

In one of our assignments, Craig brought up what do you do to better equip yourself to spread the flame of masculinity. I want to highlight the ideas set forth but I want you to “think” the following question: What can I do for the “Beast”?

I see many FOE men compare their position on the journey to others steps in the FOE. I discourage you to think that your 200 lbs. 1 RM is less than Joe Blow’s 425 lbs. 1 RM. You are doing. Your persistence to drive towards your goal is your end. It is what you are doing for the “Beast”. A good example is a calibration point. We never accept the common denominator. Your part is to raise that point.

You may see a 500 page piece of inspirational work put out by a FOE brother and feel blown away by it. The interesting part of your observation is that it is not any greater or lesser than a 500 word blog post written with purpose. Each type of work serves different purposes. One may be a baby step but as long as the works serve the true purpose of men and masculinity; this is what you can do for the “Beast”.

The greatest of temples were built brick by brick and stone by stone. The most colossal structures of infinite beauty (Notre Dame Cathedral, Hagia Sophia, etc.) were painstakingly put together. Although you have heard that your body is a temple; many of us have neglected its upkeep. It is one thing to paint its exterior but sometimes it is necessary to upgrade/retrofit its walls and foundation. Your temple is not only a representation of you, it is a manifestation of greatness. The best temple is a fitting tribute to the true spirit of the “Beast” and the notions that it represents.

Your actions and engagement in the overall struggle to become better in life’s many facets are the “cover story” in what you do for the “Beast”. The positive impact on other men is just the side effect. It is within the realms of the Beast.


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