Adopting the Broken Wrist Aesthetic

I do have to preface the following article with an impolite warning: I understand the appeal of selfies but I reject the concept. It isn’t photography; its narcissism.


I catch strange looks when I am out in public. I often make my best attempt at taking pictures of people and places without me in them. I think that old school photography (the pictures, damn it!) never went wrong. The people taking the pictures did, what was left was cheap bullshit.


The selfie, at least when men adopted it, was a symptom of an overall issue. Shitty men jockeyed to act more like the narcissistic “hollyweird” queen types. (We observe more and more of men with their “soy mouth”/gape mouth bullshit). I used to see portraits of men like Wyatt Earp (w/ a man’s mustache and rigid jawline) but I see male Buzzfeed writers/”hollyweird” types in “cock sucking” mouthed in selfies. This is even endemic in “manly men” we see in movies.


Before the advent of streaming porn; magazine’s pictures were at least supposed to represent your “view”, if you look at an Instagram “sky hook” picture these days you are looking at her view! (Does that make you a cuck or a “gender confused” idiot?)


I believe that I have seen the photography of Goldmund, author of an Intro to Camera Game, shows a true vision of what photography could be again, (at least from the subject matter of people). We should be a piece of history or at least a piece of time. We should be an observation of beauty and a point reference for men.


We, as men, should adopt a “Broken Wrist Aesthetic”. We should use the idea that others should see our subjects from our vantage point instead of seeing our narcissism. If we take pictures, we should think our wrists are broken and healing instead of taking selfies.


(Even people with broken wrists can take pictures, when I wore a cast it would make selfie like actions extremely hard).


(Also note; I didn’t say limp wrist like the “de-evolutionizing” assholes we see in the entertainment industry!)


I look forward to seeing people in a more harmonious way instead of mugging for space. Shouldn’t a man be dignified? I never saw the men constructing our nation’s backbone doing something this low-end.                                  RIP, selfie.




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