The Strategy of Breaking Links

The smartest men among us in the Red Pill sphere speak of associations. They also speak of not associating with those that do not bring value to your life. I would like to share a learning opportunity with you.


I have had a few people in my life, when I was in my lowest points that shared a brew or two with me. We found ourselves shooting fireworks into the whirlwind. The comedy of life was “survived”. I was thankful to have met them and spent time with them but time marched on. The clarity of modern times appeared and I noticed that our connections were not healthy. As people; our misery would not survive the future. I have seen the worse of these people as I have grown as a person.


As I have seen the slings and arrows of my post military life, I noticed that a common bond of the past can’t always be congruent with my future goals. My buddy, “Curt”, was a great example of this. Curt always had a comical level of Asperger’s level behavior. He showed little to no ability to act appropriately in social situations, often to the point of insulting other people’s friends/family. He was survivable because of his humor overcoming his misgivings but there was a point where everything aggregated. We were both discharged and went on with our lives.


I found myself reconnecting with him and things never ironed out. (Even when his wife or other people explained how he fucked up. He did a little of the shoulder shrug exercise and walked off). Curt harnessed his Aspie behavior and became an Oil and Gas industry professional. His solution, completely outside of statistical logic, for everyone’s career problems was to have everyone become an engineer. (Never mind the level of “fuckery” that many engineers show, i.e. too stupid to get laid or too Aspie to not get mad at everyone). Curt often would insult instead of actually adding input. I started noticing that his awkward behavior of the past wasn’t a once over. I saw him for the last time in 2014-ish and it was bittersweet. The handful of good times could not survive the challenge of my transformation. It was time to hang up for good.


I do not mourn our break but I must honor the time past. He was a great catalyst in my desire to leave things behind that were detrimental to my personal growth. I got rid of Facebook, television, and other communications avenues that were detrimental to the male psyche.


I don’t give a shit about people’s incessant political bitching. It didn’t add to my life and it didn’t help me get closer to anything resembling tangible goals. After making these realizations; I discovered that these were links to the past that were worth breaking.


I looked back at my interactions with Curt and I noticed that many of my previous friends that we were both connected to were not a constructive part of my life now. (Or as I call it; Matt Part III). It is one thing that they showed signs of not having my best interest at hand but when prior inactions were repeated again; it was a necessity that we part ways.


I do not mourn the loss but I thank them for being on the same road along the journey. Our paths split off but we had our time. It is now a good time for us to grow within ourselves. May you see success and may you grow within the RP spectrum.


Many blessings and happy trails


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