When an Enemy Owns You

Today; I am changing the delivery style that I am accustomed to using to bring forth some growth knowledge for many of you. I want you to learn that your focus on your enemies/adversaries may be a counterproductive battle. It may even cause you to lose a piece of yourself. (Consider a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil):

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

I had found myself crowing about various shitty public figures that seem to have the temporary flame of popularity at the moment. Quite often these people pronounce their anti-masculine positions. Many moons ago, I myself getting on social media to lob passive aggressive energy at one of these people. It took me a few months to figure out that this person had no impact on me and actually was not worth engaging with. I was not smart with my actions. I could have easily been labeled a troll for such half-assed behaviors. I must implore you that when you don’t fight an actual adversary (and you fight without tenacity), you easily are letting the “enemy” win. (And if the enemy wins; they can own you!)

Just as “non-concrete” entities; the same can be said with localized adversaries in the workplace or your everyday life. If you allow someone to linger negatively within your thoughts; in a proverbial sense they end up owning a small piece of you. It is within your scope of responsibilities to deal with situations like this. You must show ownership of your mind. You must learn to either harness this energy or cast it aside for you can always be doing something to further your position. (You can always help someone else when tactically responsible). I encourage you to either eliminate interaction with faux enemies or to dispatch them appropriately.

Although I have given you numerous examples of a pointless enemy; you should know your true enemy. I wanted to give you a great example of this knowledge: Mike Milken. You may remember Mike Milken from his experience with junk bonds (and his subsequent imprisonment). He harnessed a serious professional downfall (prison/loss of livelihood) into fighting a true enemy of man; namely prostate cancer. He is fighting a great war and his legacy will be for mankind.

On the flip side, actual enemies will reveal themselves, whether in sport or conflict. Robert Greene, in several of his works, has highlighted the need for knowing your enemy. It is often of greater importance to knowing who your enemy was to begin with. (Is this person worth the battle? Are these people better suited for another purpose?). I encourage you to study and contemplate this further.

Your legacy is your future. We have people with us and we have people against us. It is important to know who is what.

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