Companion Post: FOTN Bad Audio

A few days ago, I created a video where I accidently created a phrase when I was having a Tony Robbins moment. This phrase was: F*ck off that negative sh*t and F*ck on to the Positive.

Let me preface this saying that my video was an attempt at fixing audio settings but quite often through our everyday interactions/activities we have a breakthrough. (I have used the example of how penicilin was discovered when someone looked a bread bold from bread that a slobby co-worker left out).

I am never one mistaken for a poet laureate or an English Literature professor. I struggle with words and combining them in sentences. I own my vernacular. I do not have the most “eloquence”. There is a tap dance between my tortures of memory and reaching other people. I can have a tough time relaying to people a simple concept. (There is a linkage between unrelated subjects that I feel that should be seen). This linkage is not apparent to others.

I feel like the rest of my life will be best served with embracing what I should be doing instead of being an asswipe who had the ultimate chip on my shoulder and tried to put my inactions on others. I have said this many times: Your screwups in life are the reason why you aren’t moving forward. It isn’t the mysterious “they”; it’s “you”. If you finally quit blaming others you can learn from your mistakes. Quintus Curtius ( mentions that many of the smartest philosophers were able to embrace greatness when they learned where they went wrong. When you learn this; you can be a positive light and work hard towards greatness.

Remember my saying: F*ck off that negative sh*t and f*ck on to the positive!!!


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