Lose your mind, lose your spirit

I have often struggled being a square or a person who did not use some type of recreational drug on a regular basis. I had grown up during a time where supposed authority figures had drilled into my generation the horrors of recreational drugs. I had heard terrible stories about the side effects of drug use. I had also read about the horrors of people engaged in business related to drugs.


(Colombian neckties and gaping wounds in vital organs were supposedly a warning. Larry Hoover ran a dark economy enterprise and others paid for it. Freeway Rick Ross shirked the normal business method and created an empire with blood).


The strange part of my life that I have seen was somewhere between their version of truth and an inconvenient reality. I knew people that did drugs that ended up being doctors and teachers. I knew people that I loved that got over that lifestyle to go on and operate their own legitimate businesses.


On the other hand; I still see friends that spent time in rehab or prison. I had seen at least three or four people lose their children/families due to what most people would say is a proximity to drugs. I had a great friend, within the frame of “ride or die”, saw himself get wrapped up in a group of “hommes perdu”. Working pointlessly, partying with cocaine, and embracing a nihilistic existence is what they did. Instead of an abrupt ending in death he saw the frame changing experience of prison. He is now free of the shackles but imprisoned with bitterness.


I can argue that many of us that never had to face the appeal of using drugs. It isn’t that I think that most men couldn’t handle a little marching powder or marijuana. It is the notion that these men aren’t living up to their potential and that the vast majority of us turn a “divertissement” into a long term ticket on a one way ride. I think that the mind is capable of great things.


I see plenty of men sell themselves short and they stop dreaming in exchange for “low cost escapes”. I think it is time we start using our brains in better ways. We should pray and/or meditate. We should be challenged with learning. We should be contemplative to solve our own problems instead of using energy for pointless diversions, for these pointless diversions make money for elites that might not have our best interests at mind. It is time for us to “challenge” instead of fostering ignorance. We should choose enlightenment over chasing our own tails in a continuous dopamine cycle.


Drugs are a tool of your master. You need to make your own choices, using your own brain. Your master wants to break you and make you more compliant. They want to see how far you will jump and the levels you will go. (Legality is a test of your resolve). But the warning of drugs stays true for when you lose your mind, you may also lose your soul.


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