Gentlemen dare to have etiquette

We men that have chosen the path of self-improvement find that we often have a lonesome journey. For when we change; it often leaves others by the wayside and often creates bewilderment. Outside of dramatically changing clothing styles, (please note my beach bum to relaxed gentleman idea), nothing causes more confusion and mentally bankrupt looks like adopting a stronger set of etiquette rules.

In places where men have taken pride in being trash; those men that have little to no concept of decorum look at those with proper deportment as space mutants. I believe that men should start pushing back against these low end creatures. We need to make our side’s position known as one of the moral choice.

We need it to be known when adoptive behaviors in our modern times are not what we need. We need others to know when they screw up, (think wearing a vented fishing shirt to a wedding). You can be a gentleman and live in the country. You can have class even when you are less than two generations away from abject poverty. Men can choose to shift the tide.

Men need to embrace, with a barnstorming mentality, a new position in their community. Men should learn the practice of etiquette and own once again the “gentleman’s events”, such as fundraisers and soirees. In our darkest of hours, we found a minute to celebrate the smallest of victories. We should set an example for our sons and we should look the part. It is our time to take back the community from those that do not share our views or hold views that are a detriment to human survival.

I believe that acting like a civilized person and dressing like a gentleman can show others that you are trying to cover all your bases. It is your “start” in considering others and learning how you can be an integral part of someone else’s life. Etiquette is also a way you can make people’s days “come along” easier.

Your attempts (and gambling on) engaging in your community can help you network further in your personal and professional life. Although we have naturally given in to solace and living shallow, yet digital lives; these real world events force us to see new people and learn their ways of communication. Etiquette can help both parties meet on an even field and make it easier to break the ice. As I have mentioned around many men; our families expand and contract over time. We need to be aware of growth opportunities.

In our modern age, although the vast majority of men have forgotten, we must remember that etiquette was a standard that helped put us where we sit today. It can help us return to our rightful place. Gentleman had always embraced a place of daring; why not dare to have etiquette?



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