Positive “Affirmattions”

Although I was going to take an opportunity to crow about how I was achieving my goals lately; I am actually going to take an opportunity (my blog’s triumphant return) to talk about positive affirmations. I call these “positive affirmattions”. Yes, I did it on purpose to piss off the grammar nazi’s.


I started to beat myself up even though I have been back on the horse when it came to my writing, physical fitness, and professional goals. My biggest failure so far is a monumentally small one; cold/contrast showers.


I had been promising that I was going to take cold showers for an entire year and try to track the effects. I was going to team this up with Wim Hof or other breathing exercises. I sure as hell was going to blog and give people the space monkey experience. And it was going to be in my patent sense of humor (that is often lost in translation).


Now for the positive “affirmattion”:


Starting 1/10/2019; I Matt FreeMatt, the non-pork beast, will start taking cold showers and engaging in WF breathing exercises. It is time to stop the BS and do it!!!

I must implore you to hold me up to this standard. The same I must hold you up to the things that you say you are going to do. You can do it. I can do it. Let’s get it done!!!!


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