Cold shower kick start

Trying to stay positive is a hard nut to crack sometimes. This morning I took a cold shower for the first time in a long time.

I had made a promise to do this for an entire year and make an attempt at writing down its effects.

The skinny: The water was cold. Knock the breath out of you cold. Dang near crying cold.

The positives: It helped knock down inflammation in some of my muscles. (I went to gym yesterday afternoon). I feel like my skin tightened a little. It also helps deaden my nerves, keeping a few nagging issues tamped down.

I need to work on the breathing portion. I hope to knock down the lactic acid in my quads and try to deal with tendonitis in my shoulders. I will keep you posted.

Try it yourself but don’t go into cardiac arrest. Seek more information and consult a doctor for more information.


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