Farewell to the East

I wanted to share with you a tidbit for encouraging expanding your thought process and your exposure to opportunities for growth.

I had a supervisor stop by work hovel/war pit to ask me a question/favor that he had previously asked my co-worker.

I had found out that our schedules have moved away from their previous dates. This has given us a new opportunity to do other things that we previously haven’t been able to do.

I am still hungry for new opportunities, especially when it is something that helps to achieve small milestones.

The milestone worth mentioning (at least for me) is going west of the Rockies. It sounds silly but I have never been west of the Rockies in the continental United States.

The silver lining of work travel is that it allows me to write more material and to expand my network.

Think of the possibilities. Your mindset makes for your victories and gains.

“Hello to the West” is the positive end of “Farewell to the East”.


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