Fired From Life or a Profession

I listen to many podcasts. (I have discovered that they help me learn and stay positive). A few podcasts stay successful. I had listened to both the Art of Charm (AoM) and the Jordan Harbinger Show (JHS). I wanted to share with you a valuable lesson in mindset that both of them have shared. Getting fired from life or a profession might be a sign (or a gift).

Jordan was “fired” from AOM. I had heard about this from a post on Reddit. But the difference between him and many other men is the mindset. Instead of having a mindset of woe is me or I’m screwed, he took at his opportunity to do something different. (Pete Best, original drummer for the Beatles, found out that his firing gave him time to focus on his personal life). Jordan started a new podcast. It’s something that he wanted to do and getting fired lit a fire under his ass.

I’m not a unique snowflake. I have been fired too. I let it be one of the best things that ever happened to me instead of crying about it. I met new people and I have seen some great places. I started doing other things that I was supposed to be doing. I did some pullups and whatever crap other people weren’t doing.

I had been fired by a few girlfriends in my life too. Although I try to be a “lessons learned” person in a relationship; I understand that many of us stay a little heated at the end but the emotionally smart move on. When we get fired in life, we should choose to team up with a new crew or loved one. The new opportunity to surround ourselves with better people is a great thing. The new experience is also great.

Be smart about your life’s experiences. When the experiences come to an end, don’t stay sad and angry. Look forward to new people and new places.

The same is true about your professional life. Look back fondly but do not be saddened. Press forward to where you are supposed to be and what you have wanted to be. Your future should be going in a new direction.

Getting Fired from Life or a Profession? Take it as a gift. You should be doing something different and/or better. Stay hungry and positive!!!


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