Ronin by Two Choices

Ronin is a word that is often “bantied” around. I know of a few “LARP”ers that have watched movies with “ronin” in the title or subject matter. When I speak of “ronin”, I speak of a modern man that has broken away from the common nerve and desiring to stay away from “societal” leaders. Modern men of a true purpose. I have seen or met a few. I know of two ways one became a ronin.

By choice: (I know of the history of the previous incarnation of “ronin” where the samurai lost their masters.) I admit that I was never a samurai but I feel like I was a fighter of some type. I don’t accept the sorry state in which we live in and the stupidity in which we base our lives. I feel like I have lost a previous system that had worked and benefitted man. I choose to not have a soulless master. I want to have purpose. I easily could be vapid and empty. I want to improve and drive on.

By circumstance: I had previously mentioned the loss of system or master. There is an element of men seeking for more or for better.  I believe that this would count for circumstance. We need purpose and quite often mental/physical fitness counts for this. We may have started with nothing. We may have discovered a yearning. Need is a circumstance. We may have been dealt a hand of dubious nature. We may have decided to live with our mistakes.

Although I have to admit that I have blurred the lines; I often believe that living outside of a corrupt system is my choice and that I feel like I have been pushed to find better. I believe that many men have the yearning to do better but it is up to them to go all out. To go all out and embrace the modern ronin.


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