Your Body is Winter

The “day after next” of cold showers. This was a mixed bag of sorts. I’m still working on my breathing techniques. I always adopt the idea that yesterday is the worst day of anything.

Pro: It woke me up physically when I took a cold shower in the morning. A jump start of sorts. I didn’t pass out or have some type of shock effect. Skin is so-so. Joints are good.

Con: Its cold every time. It is winter after all. My feet stayed cold, even up to the point of my typing this report. Minor shakes. Temporary “b*tch mittens”.

I am looking towards “perfecting” this. I think it is teaching me to value showers. My muscles in my legs seem “tighter” than they had been before I started the cold showers. Mind over matter? I will part with this wisdom: “we will see tomorrow”.

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