Think Progress Claims Homeschooling Means You’re in League with Russia and You’re a “Christofascist”

Homeschoolers become the next biggest enemy. Libertarians take note, you are being slammed!

Ayla Stewart, Wife With A Purpose

#Homeschoolers, you are now #Russian spies and “Christofascists” according to the Left.

If we don’t do something soon they will outlaw #homeschooling, they will outlaw ALL #OrthodoxChristianity (then other forms of Christianity following that) and they will start imprisoning and executing people.

This has happened before a dozen times in the past couple of hundred years, in various countries. They are creating a false demon and then linking everyone they don’t like to that demon in order to justify violent action against us.

I’m not being hyperbolic, I mean this sincerely – get your souls ready folks, martyrdom is on the horizon.

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