Leave suicide to those that sacrifice

Tim Ferris had talked about signing a book for someone and there had been a teary mention of someone that had taken their life. Suicide.

Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

I still have the memory of attending a friend’s funeral after he had committed suicide. Its a nagging feeling. I know that I hadn’t been the only one. There had been someone who worked in my department that dealt with a coworker that swallowed a bullet in broad daylight. For men; its someone, somewhere.

(You might hear me joke about suicide. Its a coping mechanism. I know someone in school who’s brother shot himself before we became teenagers. Coupled with Kurt Cobain’s supposed suicide; I became desensitized. I know it is serious. There is no mistaking this. If suicide is something that troubles you, please get help. I would encourage you to seek help from the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine at 1800- 273-8255. Step back from the ledge).

I would like for you to consider adopting a shift in how you see suicide. I would start in mentioning that i had a world of crappy outcomes hit me all at once. I learned to reject taking my life my own life. I feel like I let my enemies win easily when I give up, why would I let them win when I take my own life? I think your new process is to go down swinging. Outlast the bastards. Screw someone new tomorrow. Live better.

I encourage you to leave the taking of your own life to those that leap on grenades to save their squadmates. Leave it to those that sacrifice to stop the taking of someone else’s life. Leave it to those with true purpose. Live to defeat your enemies and live better than them.

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