This Not the Best you Can Get

Everyone has seen or heard about the stupid Gillette commercial. Im over it. But I want you to look at a different way. Why aren’t you supporting companies that support your views and way of life?

Many smart men among our mists have discouraged usage of boycotts. (I am one of the few that remembers that boycotts are actually named after a man, afterall).

I do have one counter proposition. Buy goods and services from those that share your views. Some lame-asses call this “buycotting”. I call it good policy.

If Gillette hires feminazis to make their commercials, find a small business/man owned business to support. I have a few great examples below.

I think most coffee made by the biggest companies suck. (Im looking at you, Schultz at Starbucks). I support outfits like GroundShark( and Black Rifle Coffee ( I pick jiujitsu and veterans over demographic suicide anyday.

Don’t even think about Gillette when you could be using Battle Brother’s Shaving Co. razors ( or Black Diamond (

I could go on and on about changing your mindset away from flinging money at people that don’t value men or you. (This is true in publishing, coffee, razors, and “what have you”). Read your labels and find out who owns the company. If it is NPC/SJW’s, spend a little more to help a man owned biz or anyone who shares your views.

Its up to you.


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