Support demographic suicide

Men; I have blatantly mentioned before that if you support companies that are in line with men and our system of beliefs, you can’t go wrong. You need to be aware of who you are sending money to.

(Shameless plug for my mistyped article following the tip of the iceburg: This Not the Best you Can Get).

The opposite of supporting people that are in our frame of mind/tribe is a bleak one that might look infested with hyperbole but equally as ugly.


You shouldn’t count on our friends at the C(unt) News Network to report the truth. They dropped the ball on the Clinton Lewinsky affair, giving rise to the Drudge Report/Matt Drudge. I have every reason to believe that their narrative would give them good reason to not report when politically correct speech related arrests happen. There is no impartiality. Look at the write ups of Roosh V.’s meetups ( The same is said about Amazon’s continual excising of “incorrect” books and works. ( (


I might see illogical, cry baby shitbirds wail that President DJT and a vast male conspiracy is somehow fighting to control their bodies ( BUT they overlook an actual march towards demographic suicide in incremental steps. Forcing a man to take hormones? I was hoping that this wasn’t true. I was also hoping that there was a tongue in cheek joke in this articles title ( But men being set aside and stripped of their lives was a clear idea from a prominent feminist ( Nevermind that we overlook that a Huffington (Huff and Blow) Post Editor says that she had a New Years resolution to kill all men ( No one thought that an angry ex soldier from Austria was someone to take serious either. That man, Adolf Hitler, oversaw a genocide. Its starts somewhere.

I don’t want to start on about the third/fourth rail of men’s downfall: Legal system

We can keep this in the quiver for when the rabbit hole comes in handy.



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