One Armed Lessons

I wanted to share a lesson with you folks that I was taught these past two weeks. I often preface my lessons with a push-you-along message like “don’t be a bitch ass punk” or some other related shit. Today is no different except for the fact that I am your bitch ass punk.

I felt relatively sorry when I got sick and missed gym day for a little. It dragged me down. I was getting better and staying enthused. I improved to a decent building point. Took my lunches and exercised. Life is great. Until…

I got hurt at work. Not a regular boo-boo. Its a doctor says hold off on the physical activity boo-boo. I spent the following days neglecting everything. I didn’t type. I missed recording. I didn’t shave for shit. I am dressing like a parking lot drunk. I let everything slip. I made excuses. It finally hit me.

I am being the bitch ass sorry punk. I can still do body weight exercises. I can walk. I needed to ask for a hand from someone. I could shave. I need to schedule a recording session. Its sad who taught me that I was the bitch ass punk. It was the 90lb. girl who worked at the library who had a nub instead of a hand/arm. She smiled as I tried to hand her my books to her missing hand. She was pleasant and quick. She rocked compared to the witches that usually inhabit the library.

I complain about stitches and typing with one arm. I get po’ed about not running. This chick taught me that my setbacks were bullshit. She pulled a blade runner on me.

Our one armed lesson: Your bitch ass punk might be in the mirror!


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